13 June 2014



Do you know that 60 percent of the human body is composed of water? Water consumption is imperative to maintain hydration. Bottled water, be it mineral or drinking is definitely a top pick for the convenient it served. 


Mineral and Drinking water, as we can see from the different colour of the bottle cap, carry differences with each has its own benefits. But do you know the differences between mineral water and drinking water?


Let’s talk more about the differences between mineral water and drinking water.


Drinking Water

Drinking water is the packaged sealed water that is safe, clean and potable for human consumption. Although drinking water is safe and clean, it is also chemically treated.


It is treated to eliminate microbial hazard, most of the time with chlorination. Due to the fact that it may not contain sufficient minerals.


Mineral Water

Mineral water is usually bottled water that contain minerals or other dissolved substances obtained from naturally occurring springs, like lakes, rivers or wells, which are places where the rich minerals are available.


Mineral water is a good source of nutrients to provide body with extra benefits. As mineral water undergoes many processes, the price become slightly higher than drinking water.


Approximately over 3000 varieties of bottled mineral water are sold worldwide, and you can find many of them today thanks to online grocery supermarkets.


The following table offers a good comparison between the two:


Be it mineral or drinking water, it is  important to drink regularly throughout the day. Here are some tips on how to save money when buying bottled water:


Buy Online

Save more money and buy bottled water online. Online supermarkets in Malaysia have several bottled water brands that you can choose from.


But how can you really save by buying them online?


Keep your favorite bottled water brand on your wishlist; whenever discounts are available, you will get notified via email by the online supermarkets of your choice.



Look for discount coupons for online grocery shopping in Malaysia. At checkout, you can enter your coupon code and save money.


Compare prices

One of the many benefits of online grocery shopping is that you can compare different prices of different brands easily and quickly at the comfort of your own home.



As online grocery shopping in Malaysia offers great home delivery services, you can buy bottled water in bulk. This way you can take advantage of discounts and offers, and never have to worry about carrying them from the supermarket to your home. Everything will be delivered to your doorstep.


Water is essential to our health as our body uses water in all its cells and organs to maintain temperature and other bodily functions. Although consuming bottled water might not be as environmentally friendly as consuming tap water, bottled water is really convenient especially when you are on the go. We hope this blog post provides a good guide to you to choose wisely between mineral water and drinking water.