13 June 2014


MYDIN online shopping
, famous brands and awesome deals. MYDIN is the largest grocery retailer in Malaysia with  over 73 branches spread across the country.

In today’s digital age, you can even shop online, which is the best place to find everything you need. In fact, you are able to order fresh Halal meat and poultry online and thousands of other items at ultimate best price.

The extra quality does not necessarily come with an expensive receipt. MYDIN prices are way lower than most other stores. In fact, MYDIN let you save up to 30% more of your money. Here are best ways to strategize your spending.

Best Deals like None Other

MYDIN, the master of the deals for home brands. The chain frequently offers its customers different sales on different items. One of the most common offers is 50% discount for 2nd item. Find these awesome deals through MYDIN Super Saving Mailer, the sales can goes up to 15% from normal price.

Don’t miss out Crazy 7.7 Campaign deals, grab the amazing sale and get your shopping items delivered to your home via MYDIN Online. You can also choose Store Pick Up or Locker Pick Up. 

Pick Up Your Local Ads

Skim the flyers, catalogues, and MYDIN Super Saving Mailer. You may find them online and in most MYDIN stores. The flyers and catalogues contain store coupons and information’s on the ongoing sales throughout the store.

Don’t miss out to check MYDIN App, buy groceries from your smartphone (all information on sales and coupons available in the app).

Certainly, you can just wander the aisles next time you are in the store. Look out for the on-sale items label. It rolls out new deals every week.

You need to join the Meriah Loyalty Program, you will find smart savings, immense convenience, and existing rewards. Believe me, many awesome deals awaits and it is truly worth signing up!


Buy Generic Brands

With the same promising quality, generic brands are no doubt will save your pocket!


Shop Online

MYDIN offers the best Halal food selections in Malaysia with great quality and value.

A good way to save even more while doing grocery shopping in MYDIN is to create a list and then order all the groceries online. This way you can avoid impulse buying at the physical store, plus it is super convenient and time saving.

You can have your groceries delivered to your home, or via store pickup, where they bring your orders to your car. Not to forget, the Locker pickup.

Saving time and money might be the best choice you can make to stay in a budget, and the best way to accomplish this is by doing your online grocery shopping through MYDIN Online.