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What is iMeriah?

iMeriah is a new benefit under MYDIN Meriah Loyalty & Rewards Program initiated by MYDIN to depict appreciation to the loyal customers who have been supporting MYDIN all these years. MYDIN is the pioneer in Malaysia which introduced this insurance policy that provides monthly groceries to the nominee of Meriah Card members. iMeriah is Shariah compliant, and this complimentary group term Takaful plan provides protection against death which is exclusively formulated for Meriah Card Members only. This benefit is managed by AmMet Life Takaful Berhad for MYDIN.


All Meriah Card members between 18 – 49 years old are eligible to join this benefit when fulfilling the criteria by just spending a minimum of RM600 per month at any MYDIN stores.

What is special about iMeriah? You do not have to pay any contribution towards this insurance policy.


The most important thing about this policy is that a Meriah Card member must nominate one nominee to ease the claiming process if anything happens that causes death to the card member.


The theory is simple; a Meriah Card member who spends RM600 in one or multiple transactions in December 2017 is automatically insured by the policy. In January 2018, if in the event of death to the policy holder (Meriah Card Member), the nominee for iMeriah will be receiving free groceries worth of RM300 per month for 12 consecutive months, once the claim is approved.


MYDIN takes care of your purchases. Keep shopping and stay secured.

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Do you know that Active Meriah Card members are entitled for free takaful coverage under iMeriah program? If you are a Meriah Card member and spent a certain amount within a month at MYDIN store using Meriah card, your family will be covered with grocery aid for 12 months in the event of your death.



  • iMeriah is a complimentary group term takaful plan under MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Bhd (MYDIN) that provides coverage against death. The plan is managed by AmMetLife Takaful Berhad. (AmMetLife Takaful).

  • All active Principle Meriah Card members who are between the ages of 18 to 49 as well as citizen/permanent resident of Malaysia. In addition, the minimum monthly spending using MYDIN Meriah Card must be at least RM600 per month. If your card has expired, you are advised to approach the nearest MYDIN store to renew it.

  • By spending a minimum of RM600 using MYDIN Meriah Card within a calendar month, MYDIN will pay your contribution for you to be entitled for iMeriah coverage for the next calendar month. It is advisable for you to consistently spend the minimum amount every month to ensure you are continuously covered under the iMeriah program.

  • No, you do not have to pay any contribution. The contribution will be paid by MYDIN if you meet the eligible criteria as stated in question 2.

  • In the event of your death, your next of kin will receive RM300 monthly grocery shopping aid from MYDIN for 12 months. Purchases can be made at any MYDIN stores.

  • No, the benefit cannot be exchanged with cash. Your nominee must utilise the amount of RM300 per month for a year. You are encouraged to use up the claim amount in full before the 12 months period, however, if the claim amount cannot be fully utilized, MYDIN will issue your next of kin with an equivalent voucher.

  • If you spend at least RM600 in January 2018, you will be entitled for takaful coverage for the whole February 2018. In this scenario, in the event of death during the coverage period i.e February 2018, then your nominee will be entitled to receive RM300 every month to shop at MYDIN stores for a year, once the claim is approved. However, if your total spending is less than RM600 in February 2018, there will be no coverage provided to you in March 2018.

  • The takaful coverage shall take effect on the next calendar month after you meet the monthly spending criteria.

  • The duration of coverage is one month. The coverage will be renewed each time you meet the minimum monthly spending criteria.

  • We will not pay any claims due to suicide.

  • In the event of claims, your nominee or claimant must fill up the Claim Form at eligible MYDIN stores and submit together with the following documents within ninety (90) days after occurrence of death:

    a) Death Certificate

    b) Certified true copy of deceased Member’s identity card

    c) Certified true copy of nominee or claimant’s identity card

    d) Proof of Claimant’s Relationship with deceased Member i.e. birth certificate for child and parent relationship, or wedding certificate for spouse relationship.


  • Nominee will be notified on the claim status by MYDIN within fourteen (14) working days after all required documents are submitted to MYDIN.

  • Your nominee will be contacted by MYDIN with regards to the claim status.

  • Your cover will be automatically terminated.

  • The benefits are payable to your nominee or claimant through free monthly spending of RM300 for 12 months at MYDIN.

  • Nomination shall be made during registration of new membership. For existing members, you may complete/update your nominee details at any MYDIN stores.

  • AmMetLife Takaful is a strategic joint venture company between AmBank Group and MetLife, Inc. The strategic partnership combines the international expertise and financial strength of MetLife with the local strength and reach of AmBank Group. AmMetLife Takaful provides Shariah compliant takaful coverage in the event of certain misfortunes.

  • For more information, please call MYDIN Careline at 1300 30 8786 or meet our customer service officers at the nearest MYDIN store.